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Live Streaming


 What is Live Streaming?

Live Streaming means broadcasting your event across the world live in realtime, using our dedicated hi-speed platform. Your content is available for watching on any smartphone or tablet via a dedicated app, or on a computer directly from a customized webpage.  

What can I broadcast?

  • Exhibitions & Trade Shows
  • Opening events
  • Sports competitions
  • Concerts
  • Trainings
  • Corporate dinners and events
  • Webminars
  • Web TV Shows
  • Anything else you have in mind!

What other goodies can I have?

Although the possibilities are endless, we’ve figured out the most common additional services that can be included in your package, along with the production and live broadcast of your event.

  • Commercial break during live broadcast
  • Video Player inserted ads
  • Event planning
  • On-Location Tech Support
  • Social Media Integration
  • Live Event Chatroom

What we can offer?

Smartphone / Mobile Integration

Viewers can enjoy and interact with your live broadcasted content via a dedicated app (for Iphone, Android, Blackberry or Windows platforms). that can be branded with your own identity.

Public Streaming

Viewers from anywhere in the world can access your feed using a web browser. Or we can embed the streaming into your existing website for a greater impact.

Private Streaming

You can limit your audience reach by securing the access to your feed for private meetings or a certain number of users.

High Quality Sound

We know the importance of pristine sound quality (especially if you are broadcasting a concert). Our realtime encoding engine provides top quality sound compression for an ultimate experience.

Video Storage

Your broadcasted event is stored on our dedicated server at the highest quality possible, and can be accessed anytime through a video gallery.

Technical Support

One of our tech geniuses will permanently monitor the quality of your video stream, just to make sure there will be no hiccups and everything runs smoothly.

Social Media Integration

We integrate your feed to a Facebook page so that your followers can watch in realtime. We can do a Twitter or LinkedIN integration for your followers to gain more social media exposure easy and seamlessly.

Customized web page

We design, develop and integrate a responsive webpage that will be the interface to your feed.

Realtime analytics

You can monitor your audience reach in realtime, and generate several stats that will help you target better.

Standard configuration for Live Streaming

Based on the size of the event.

1 FullHD


  • Includes
  • Mobile/Tablet optimization
  • Custom landing page
  • FullHD Recording

Suitable for:Launches / Conferences / Interviews

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3 FullHD


  • Includes
  • Video Mixer
  • Large TV Screen
  • Custom Branding
  • + Start options

Suitable for:Fairs / Exhibitions / Training / Competitions

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4+ FullHD


  • Includes
  • Custom graphics
  • On location studio
  • + Corporate option

Suitable for:Concerts / Shows / Meetings / Competitions

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