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All events will be recorded in Full HD.

Can we use the internet connection provided at the location or should we use our own connectivity solution?

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To better cover your event can use one or more video cameras.Learn more.

Some locations, such as hotels, offer their clients the necessary free audio infrastructure.

OVN can use the logo of your event, overlays with the speakers name and other graphics to create a richer visual production.

How many visitors do you estimate that your event will follow? Please note no. total, counting all the days of the event.

In the event breaks at a particular panel, we shoot additional interviews with speakers or impressions / comments guests.

Besides LiveStreaming we can create a summary, with highlights of the event, so you can submit it to customers or publish on your website.

After the event we can provide videos of every speaker of the event. This is useful for publishing on Youtube or on website.

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