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Video Production

Fact: Having video clips on your website greatly increases the medium visit duration and returning rate.

Our team combines extensive broadcast and film experience with web expertise. This unique combination with our passion for the success of your event, makes us a great asset for all your web production projects. Pristine quality sound and highest Full HD video  quality are the minimum technical standards that we work with to make sure that your viewers have the best experience on all distribution platforms (mobile, TV, web).

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Product Presentation

A video product presentation can do wonders for your E-Commerce business. Just like in Social Media, you can use video to reach a market segment and engage customers.

Corporate Presentation

Having a top-quality professional and personalized company profile can help you reach the clients you need. Our video marketing platform makes sure of it.

Internal Communication

How about your own private internal communication channel? Nowadays, sending across your messages or training programs to your employees has to be done easily and effective.

Client Testimonials

What better ways to prove the quality of your products/services than a client testimonial?

Real Estate Presentation

Showcase your beautiful properties to the world. A video presentation for any type of location is more engaging, as it projects the client into the actual space, virtually.

Video Tutorials

What better way to train your most valuable employees than a custom-built video tutorials library? This is the easiest and cost-effective way to empower your human resources.

Social Media Videos

Video has the highest social impact and reach for any audience. A good message and clever distribution can sell your product or service better than any other form of advertising.

Web TV Shows

Produce, promote and distribute that brilliant web series that you had around in your head. OVN gives you all the support.